Lock-down, Covid-19 and Jammu and Kashmir.

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Lock-down, Covid-19 and Jammu and Kashmir.
This pandemic is something that we all are in this together. As far me this is nothing new to me. Being from a state that has been always under LOCK-DOWNS now and then I can better explain how hard it is. I have already been through this and even worse of this. We have been subjugated to LOCK-DOWNS since many years and recently for more than 8 months have been gone so far and we are still in the lock-down. Now when the whole world is in the lock-down, hope people are understanding what we have gone through and going through. For people like me this is nothing new to us. And the biggest tragedy is the world is enjoying all human rights even during this LOCK-DOWN and we the people of Jammu and Kashmir are subjugated to the harassment and deprivation of human rights. Everyone is talking of digitization and a digital world while we are lacking the high speed internet connection necessary to stay connected. We have been left to the 2g speeds and deprived of the basic human right of using the high speed internet.
Well the whole world is using 4g and still you complain about getting bored at your home and have you ever thought for a moment what will be it like for a person living there and being deprived of this necessity too. Well you can never imagine the pain we go through.
Coming to students, everywhere classes are conducted online. No one is in loss outside the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is the people of Jammu and Kashmir who actually are in loss. The bottleneck speeds of 2g are depriving students from learning while the students out side have completed the syllabus too. Don’t you think you are killing their passion for knowledge. You have been talking of digital India don’t you consider us a part of that. I am sure you don’t because if you had you would have not deprived us of the use of internet.
While everyone is taking their business online what about the people of Jammu AND Kashmir don’t they have the right to do so. When the whole country is suffering from the pandemic LOCK-DOWN you are providing interest free loans and waving off the interests for next 3 months. What about the people of Jammu and Kashmir who are in the lock-down for more than 8 months now. No policy was framed for them. Your economy is a concern. What about the economy of Jammu and Kashmir.? Your business is a concern. What about all those who lost their everything in the 8+ months lock-down just because of you? What about the loss which was in crores and yet nothing was done for them? Now when everyone is doing their business online you even snatched this right of theirs too by depriving them of the high speed internet. And you are chanting the slogans of so called Digital India.
Jammu and Kashmir demands the restoration of high speed internet now more than ever needed. This is completely inhumane to deprive people of their basic rights. As we all know this pandemic has led people to stay at homes. Offices have been changed into work from home. Everyone is working from home. What about the people of Jammu and Kashmir? How will they be able to do so? These are the questions that are in the mind of every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir and need to be answered.
Well on the one side this Covid-19 pandemic is creating stress and anxiety in people and on the other side lack of high speed internet. The only solution to all the problems is allowing people to use high speed internet connection.
How to deal with this:
I have some tips for the people out there who are right now in the lock-down.
The first and foremost thing is don’t take mental stress. It will only worsen your situation. We know mental anxiety occurs but you need to divert it in a positive manner by doing something which will keep your mind busy.
Secondly use this time productively by engaging in some productive actions. You can go for a new hobby like reading books or cooking. Something that can be done at home.
Make sure you spend these moments with your loved ones that too will help you in stress management.
At last keep your hope alive. We will get out of this.




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