How your Habit works

Let us first know what a habit is. Anything that we do on a daily basis without noticing that we do it is called a habit. Upon analyzing the word Habit We come across the more specified definition of habit as. HABIT: Having Ability Built Intensive Traits. That means it signifies an individuals ability to do the things that might seem impossible to him. It is the repeated actions taken on the behaviour that configures it to a certain frequency which keeps on repeating itself.

Habit works on a simple rule: cue, routine and reward. It forms a loop which starts from Cue up-to-the Reward through Routine And then from Routine To cue forming A loop.

Cue is something that serves the purpose of initiation, i.e. it triggers your brain to perform the specific task. The species can be anything from brushing your teeth to going to the office. The cue integrates the feeling of getting rewards for the actions we take. Actually, the cue works on some of the behaviours and then these worked behaviours are transformed into what we see as an emerging habit. E.g,  When you intend to brush your teeth in the morning. The dirty or smelly teeth becomes your cue and the clean teeth are what serves as a reward through the routine of brushing your teeth.

The routine is the will power that suffices your cue to take actions. It is the craving for the reward that you want to get out of your cue through the routine. For any behaviour to become a habit is necessary to go through the routine.  It is the willingness and the desire to complete the action in progress. It becomes the foundation stone of your motivation and the main reason to act on a particular action. It creates the desire of reward in your mind and that desire of reward serves as a motivation for you to act.

As in above example brushing your teeth doesn’t become your motivation to brush your teeth rather it is the feeling of having a clean mouth that serves the main purpose and that what is a reward is. When you go through social media it’s not the social media which serves the motivation rather the feeling of being in the company of your loved ones serves the purpose. Your internal desire must be high to act on the cue and to go through the Routine.

Here the Reward is what you crave for and what the cue is generated for and for which you go through the routine. These are the end result of every behavior to be called as a habit. You act on the cue and then go through the routine the purpose of all this is just to receive the reward. The reward serves many purpose and can be different for different people. The main purpose of the reward is:(1) it satisfies your want and (2) and acknowledges you.

Then the rewards satisfy your want and craving. They provide you with the benefits that you were looking for. The rest you wanted to feel good. That cup of coffee you made you feel much more awake. The promotion that you got brought money and respect. They satisfy the craving of yours for being awaken, feel good and to have respect and more money.  When you have received your reward you feel much more contented and satisfied.

Finally the reward teaches you, which actions or behavior you are gonna remember and to repeat again and again. It teaches you which actions you are gonna take and the better can satisfy your desire and make you happy.

Any action or behaviour which fulfils the above criteria will be a Habit. If any of the behaviours is lacking one of those above mentioned steps cannot become a habit.

let us suppose you have not a cue how come your habit will start. Now you have a cue but you don’t have the sufficient motivation to go through the routine will you ever be able to perform the behaviour. Now, what if you do the first two steps but your reward wasn’t successful in providing the desired result or meeting your desires in general, will still try to repeat that behaviour again. The answer is No. Obviously, you will not so combine all you form a habit missing anyone of them you will never be able to make a habit.

Time To Take Actions

Without actions the knowledge is useless. So, use the above given technique in your personal life and form new good habits. Even if you want to break your bad ones you just have to change the Routine. Hope you will have been benefited from this, if you want to know more about it, you can go through the book The Power of Habit.

Thanks for reading my article until the end.  You can suggest your opinion about this article and comment below.  I would love to hear your opinions.

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